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Acrylic Bottles Are Popular in the Makeup Packaging Market

1. Acrylic bottle is the first choice for makeup packaging

For cosmetics companies, in the choice of packaging, although relevant departments have always required simple packaging. However, with fierce market competition and relatively high profits, companies tend to choose high-grade and high-end packaging when choosing to package in the market.

Many cosmetic bottle designers and cosmetic manufacturers are very concerned about how makeup packaging can achieve exquisite effects. Many buyers always swing between glass and plastic bottles when purchasing bottles.

Glass bottles are more high-end in packaging, but the cost is relatively high. The packaging cost of plastic bottles is relatively low but not as exquisite as glass bottles. So in order to balance the advantages between the two, acrylic bottles appeared. Leopack is a reliable acrylic bottle supplier that you can trust.

2. The characteristics of the acrylic bottle

Nothing can strike a balance between glass and plastic bottles than acrylic bottles. Acrylic bottles not only have the characteristics of plastics: drop resistance, lightweight, easy coloring, easy processing, low cost, etc., but also the characteristics of glass bottles, beautiful appearance and high-quality texture. And it also has the advantages of being resistant to falling and conducive to transportation.

The acrylic bottle looks like a frosted glass bottle with a different temperament. At the same time, acrylic bottles have all the advantages of plastic bottles, and the cost is lower than glass bottles. This is a bottle that is very suitable for the field of makeup packaging. At present, acrylic bottles are widely used in the packaging of high-end creams, lotions and other cosmetics, and are well received by the market.

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