Shaoxing Leopack Co., Ltd.
Shaoxing Leopack Co., Ltd.

After-sale Service

1. Parcels that cannot be delivered to customers in time due to wrong addresses of express delivery or ones which were not signed by the customer and so on.

According to our treatment scheme, we will first find out the cause, and, on the premise of "no impact on customers", urge the goods actively and inform customers of the follow-up, and ensure final delivery of the goods to customers.

2. Logistics information

According to our treatment scheme, please contact the seller to help you check the delivery time and inform you in time.

3. Application for drawback

According to our treatment scheme, if the goods are in stock and do not be delivered, please contact the seller and you can apply for a refund. If packaging for cosmetic products is customized and there is no quality problem, a refund is not available.

4. Quality problem

According to our treatment scheme, if the goods are damaged, or the number is not correct, please contact the seller and send him or her photos or videos. After a check, we will provide solutions immediately.