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Application of Color in Makeup Packaging Design

Color stimulates the optic nerve with the most obvious effect, followed by style, and finally surface details and texture. The color design of makeup packaging attached to text and graphics not only requires beauty and elegance but also should be in harmony with people's psychological feelings.

1. The role of color on the makeup packaging

Color is the main artistic language of makeup packaging, which has more visual impact and abstract characteristics than composition, modeling and other expression languages, and can also exert its alluring charm.

At the same time, it is an important element to beautify products and express the image of enterprises and products. The color characteristics of the makeup packaging can enable customers to understand the differences of regions and cultural backgrounds to meet the ever-changing consumer market. Leopack is one of the most professional makeup packaging companies in China that you can trust.

2. The characteristics of the color on the makeup packaging

(1) The eye-catching feature of color

There are many functions of packaging, of which an important function is to convey product information. The design of makeup packaging is to conduct work in a limited area and space, and because the buyer feels and understands the design object in a short time, this time and space limitation determines that the visual transmission signal of the packaging decoration color must be strong and must attract attention, arousing visual excitement, and arousing positive activities of potential consumer demand, and through the first intuition, leaving a deep impression on consumers.

(2) The subordination of color

Only when the design color is coordinated with the content on the makeup packaging can the product information be transmitted correctly and quickly, so that consumers can understand what kind of product they are buying even if they do not rely on images and text but only see colors.

(3) The scientific nature of color

The function of color has now been applied to human life and production, especially in makeup packaging. It is organically combining the scientific and functional properties of color and the purpose of practical design.

Color can be more easily perceived by people because of its uniqueness, and people can feel the artistic beauty contained in the design through color. In packaging design, the use of color has always been a problem that designers must fully consider. It not only needs to study people's aesthetic rules of color, but also to fully consider the consuming subject, age, gender, and current popular colors of cosmetics so as to accurately grasp the scale of color visual beauty, making the characteristics of makeup packaging design brighter.

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