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Cosmetic Packaging Style and Matters Needing Attention

1. Cosmetic packaging style

From skin care products to color cosmetics, beautiful packaging designs can always attract the attention of many potential users. For users, beautiful packaging can not only attract their attention, but also affect their entire shopping experience. Cosmetic packaging is an important part of the customer's overall brand experience. Therefore, in addition to the appearance, other styles and functions of the packaging should be effectively designed.

The first is to determine how high end cosmetic packaging will adapt to the overall brand experience. According to the different styles of cosmetics, it can be divided into product outer packaging, product inner packaging, or both.

Whether the cosmetics are sold online or in physical stores, it is important to treat all packaging as part of the overall brand experience. So your cosmetic packaging should reflect your brand's personality and value and be consistent with the brand's other marketing tools.

2. Precautions related to cosmetic packaging

It is very common to convey important information about cosmetics through the packaging box. Generally, this information is reflected on the back of the packaging box in the form of text. For fragile cosmetic glass containers, such as perfumes, creams, lining can be added to increase its protection.

For products that are easily affected by light, products such as essential oils can be divided into two parts for protection. The inner packaging can use dark cosmetic glass packaging to reduce its illuminance, and the outer packaging of the product can use packaging with good shading effect.

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