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Design Skills of Fragrance Bottles

1. The difference between fragrance bottles and other cosmetic packaging

How to improve the packaging value of fragrance bottles has always been the trend that the entire packaging industry closely follows. For fragrance bottles, unlike other glass bottle packaging products, fragrance bottles have more to carry the brand culture and connotation of perfume. This makes the glass bottle packaging of fragrance bottles needs to consider more elements in the design and production.

2. The design skills of fragrance bottles

The design of the fragrance bottles should conform to the characteristics of the perfume itself in terms of bottle shape, color, or outer packaging design. Among the many fragrance bottles, each one has its own characteristics, and attracts different people. The packaging color of the perfume bottle must reflect the outstanding characteristics that the cosmetic packaging wants to express.

For example, the colors of some fragrance bottles are romantic, gentle and sexy; some are pursuing elegance, delicacy, and tranquility; some are innocent, cute, fresh, confident and happy.

From the appearance point of view, the design of glass scent bottle has the beautiful curve of the human body as the main design element, and there are also cute fragrance bottles in bionic form. The bottle shape is more coordinated and integrated, giving people an experience of being close to nature.

For glass perfume bottle packaging, with the development of the market, the proportion of design appearance will be further strengthened in the future. Therefore, as far as perfume bottle manufacturers are concerned, design ability should be more important in the future. Only when they can update their design can they win the first opportunity in future competition.

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