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Factors Affecting the Quality of Cosmetic Glass Bottles

1. Technical elements of cosmetic glass bottles manufacturers

The technical ability of cosmetic glass bottles manufacturers is the most important factor affecting the quality of cosmetic glass bottle production. When consumers choose a manufacturer, they should try their best to choose a manufacturer with advanced production technology, corporate culture and management concepts.

Such manufacturers often have a good reputation. The cosmetic glass bottles system produced by Leopack can fully meet the needs of customers.

2. The quality of cosmetic glass bottles molds

The design quality of the cosmetic glass bottles molds will directly determine the quality of the final product. A successful mold can minimize the error of glass bottle production, and at the same time reduce unnecessary expenses for the life of the mold. An unsuccessful glass bottle mold not only fails to meet the needs of customers but also causes waste of resources and costs.

3. Annealing operation of cosmetic glass bottles

The annealing operation after the glass containers for cosmetics are formed directly affects the quality of the glass bottle after cooling and production. The glass undergoes drastic changes in temperature and shape during the forming process, often leaving thermal stress in the glass product.

Thermal stress reduces the quality and stability of empty glass bottles. Therefore, the product must be kept warm or slowly cooled within a certain temperature range after molding to reduce the thermal stress value and ensure the quality of the product.

The operating technology of the employees is also one of the factors that directly affect the quality of the finished cosmetic glass containers for cosmetics.

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