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How to Effectively Process the Handwriting Printing on Cosmetic Packaging Bottles?

Ⅰ. Cosmetic packaging bottles made of acrylic

Among the packaging bottles for skin care products, the acrylic packaging bottle has good transparency, high light transmittance, good anti-ageing performance, and can be used safely outdoors. Many big-name skin care products packaging bottles choose acrylic material. In the packaging of skin care products, handwriting printing is also a very important step.

Ⅱ. How to do handwriting printing on the cosmetic packaging bottle correctly

Acrylic cosmetic packaging bottles have a wide variety, rich colors, and extremely excellent comprehensive performance. They provide designers with a variety of options. They can be dyed, and the surface can be painted, screen printed or vacuum coated.

Generally speaking, when companies design acrylic bottles, they will not only design patterns but also design some words, because as a packaging bottle, certain words are needed to explain the product. Leopack is a reliable acrylic bottle supplier that can provide you with quality products and good services.

Ⅲ. The handwriting on the cosmetic packaging bottle needs to meet two requirements

1. The handwriting needs to be clear enough so that people can clearly see the content of the text and the role of the text can be reflected. Therefore, the first requirement for the handwriting of cosmetic acrylic bottles is clarity.

2. In order to ensure that the text on the acrylic bottle can be easily read, and the entire packaging bottle has a beautiful appearance, and the appearance of the text is not affected by the text, the handwriting on the cosmetic packaging bottle is required to be neat.

If you want to be a professional and advanced skin care product brand, of course, no matter whether it is on cosmetic packaging bottles, quality, or even handwriting, you must strive for perfection! 

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