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Disinfection and Sterilization

Sterilizing, disinfection and washing products are the main products promoted by our company according to the current epidemic situation of COVID-19, hoping to play a certain role in resisting the epidemic. Sterilization products include spray pumps, lotion pumps, foam pumps, plastic caps, trigger spray, PET bottles, PETG bottles and other categories above. You can buy customized products, or let us match a finished product for you to facilitate your purchase.

Types of Disinfection and Sterilization

Spray Pump
Spray pumps are available in different styles, sizes, models and colors, and are suitable for different cosmetic bottles.
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Lotion Pump
Lotion pump is also called push-type pump. We produce lotion pumps with different caps.
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Foam Pump
We have foam pumps of different size, liquid output and color, producing fine foam and easy to use.
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Plastic Cap
Plastic disc top caps and filp top caps for bottles of hand sanitizer, shampoo, lotion and so on.
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Trigger Sprayer
There are many sizes and types of trigger spray pump of different color and liquid output.
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PETG Bottle
We have thick petg bottle and thin petg bottle, which all have different sizes and shapes.
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PET Bottle
We have PET bottle from 30ml to 1000ml, of round, ellipse, and irregular shape.
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Customized Service

We have kinds of pumps and bottles to match your demand, and customized demand is accepted. So the color and the size all depend on you. When our pump is assembled to a bottle filled with water, there will be good sealing, uniform liquid output, strong corrosion-resistance, good exhaust function and no liquid leakage, meeting the quality standard. Our technical team involves in the work of linking product development, raw material procurement, production control, and process improvement. We do our best to promise high quality, controlling every link against rigorous standards to ensure the high performance of every product.