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Lotion Pump

A lotion pump, also called a push-type pump, is one kind of product in our lotion pump factory. As one of the lotion pump manufacturers, we produce lotion spray pumps with different caps. You can also find a screw lock lotion pump in our catalogue. 

We, being one of the lotion dispenser pump suppliers, produce many kinds of lotion transfer pumps, including hand lotion pumps, body lotion pumps, foundation bottle pump, airless bottle pump, and so on. The lotion pumps in our cosmetic packaging company are available in various sizes, such as 18mm lotion pump and 38mm lotion pump. Also, we are a 28mm lotion pump manufacturer, providing skincare packaging supplies. A black lotion pump and white lotion pump are provided.

Shaoxing Leopack Co., Ltd., which is one of the most reliable Chinese lotion pump suppliers and a cream pump manufacturer, supports lotion pump wholesale and offers cheap lotion pumps for sale. And our lotion pump price is competitive in the market. Feel free to contact us for further information on disinfection and sterilization products.

Lotion Pumps Wholesale

Where to find a reliable lotion pump manufacturer/factory/supplier?

Leopack is a professional cosmetic lotion pump factory in China that provides quality lotion pumps for customers. There are several reasons that you can choose Leopack as a longtime partner.

1. Rich manufacturing experience;

2. Reliable quality of products;

3. Safe and pollution-free raw materials;

4. High-quality service;

5. Reasonable price;

6. Personalized order.

Especially right now, we're doing everything we can to provide the packaging needed for your product to hit the market.