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Perfume Bottle

As for the very popular perfume products, we design and produce perfume atomiser spray bottle series and perfume canisters can be customized in various styles. A perfume bottle can be made with different colors, such as amber perfume bottle, frosted perfume bottles, rose gold perfume bottle, transparent perfume bottle, colorful perfume bottles, crystal perfume atomiser, golden perfume bottle, sterling silver perfume bottle and so on. As one of Chinese perfume bottle suppliers, our empty perfume spray bottles have many shapes, such as butterfly shaped perfume bottle, cylinder perfume bottle, circular perfume bottle, circular perfume bottle, cone shaped perfume bottle, diamond perfume bottle, flower shaped perfume bottle, flat perfume bottle, heart perfume bottle, oval shaped perfume bottle, perfume round bottle, perfume bottle body shape, perfume circle bottle, etc. 

In our perfume bottle factory, empty perfume vials are mainly divided into empty glass perfume bottles, plastic perfume bottle, ceramic perfume bottle, brass perfume bottle and aluminum perfume bottles. In our company, which is a fragrance bottles manufacturer, the capacity of fragrance atomisers are also various, including 8 oz perfume bottle, 1ml perfume sample bottles, 1.5 ml perfume bottle, 3ml empty attar bottles, 5ml perfume bottle, 6ml perfume oil bottle, 7ml perfume bottle, 7.5 ml perfume bottle, 8ml perfume bottle, 10ml perfume oil bottle, 12ml perfume bottle, 20ml perfume bottle, 25ml perfume bottle, 35ml perfume bottle, empty perfume bottles 50ml, empty perfume bottle 60ml, 75 ml perfume bottle, 125ml perfume bottle, 250ml perfume bottle and so on. As one of glass perfume bottles suppliers, we support amber perfume bottle wholesale, beautiful perfume bottles wholesale, cheap perfume bottles wholesale, chinese perfume bottles wholesale, decorative perfume bottles wholesale, designer perfume bottles wholesale, fancy perfume bottles wholesale, luxury perfume bottles wholesale, mini perfume bottles wholesale, modern perfume bottles wholesale and vintage style perfume bottles wholesale. We, as one of makeup packaging companies, provide antique perfume bottles for sale, beautiful perfume bottles for sale, cheap perfume bottles for sale, decorative perfume bottles for sale, fancy perfume bottles for sale, old fashioned perfume bottles for sale, sample perfume bottles for sale, silver perfume bottles for sale and vintage perfume bottles for sale. If you want to buy fragrance bottles, please contact us.

Types of Perfume Bottle

Aluminum Perfume Bottle
We always have aluminum perfume bottles in store, but only of limited colors and types.
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Glass Perfume Bottle
When we have products in-store, the MOQ may only be 3000pcs.
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Perfume Bottle Nozzle
We have different types of perfume bottle nozzle with aluminum cap and plastic cap.
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Plastic Perfume Bottle
Capacity of our plastic perfume bottle is from 3ml to 45ml.
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