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Shaoxing Leopack Co., Ltd.

Plastic Cap

Plastic disc top caps and filp top caps for bottles of hand sanitizer, shampoo, lotion and so on. We also have bamboo type which is more environmentally friendly. Sizes of cosmetic cap range from 20/410 to 28/410. Our technical team involves in the work of linking product development, raw material procurement, production control, and process improvement. We do our best to promise high quality, controlling every link against rigorous standards to ensure the high performance of every product.

As one of skincare packaging companies, our main products of plastic cap are disc top caps and filp top caps. If you want to buy or know more about disinfection and sterilization products, please contact us.

Types of Plastic Cap

Especially right now, we're doing everything we can to provide the packaging needed for your product to hit the market.