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Trigger Sprayer

In our company, which is one of the trigger sprayer suppliers, there are many sizes and types of trigger spray nozzles of different colours and liquid output. We, being a plastic bottle spray supplier, can also customize trigger bottle sprays to meet your demand. 

Leopack is professional a plastic bottle spray manufacturer and has various kinds of bottle trigger pumps, such as plastic spray trigger, mini trigger spray, water spray nozzle trigger for the bottle, etc. there are two main colours of trigger for spray bottles, including black trigger sprayer and white trigger sprayer. Also, 28mm spray pump, 24mm trigger spray and 32 oz trigger sprayer are produced in our trigger sprayer factory. Among disinfection and sterilization products, 28mm spray trigger is always in good sale. As one of the plastic trigger sprayer manufacturers and experts of cosmetic packaging, we support trigger sprayers wholesale and offer spray triggers for sale. And our trigger sprayer prices are competitive in the market of trigger sprayer in china. If you want to know more about bottle spray triggers or buy spray trigger nozzles, feel free to contact us! Standard, cheap and high-quality trigger sprayers are in sale!

High Quality Trigger Sprayers Wholesale

Where to find a reliable trigger sprayers factory/supplier/manufacturer in China?

If you are in need of bulk high quality trigger sprayers or a reliable business partner, please contact Leopack as soon as possible. Leopack has trigger sprayers for sale. There are several reasons that you can choose Leopack as a longtime partner.

1. Rich manufacturing experience;

2. Reliable quality of products;

3. Safe and pollution-free raw materials;

4. High-quality service;

5. Reasonable price;

6. Personalized order.

Especially right now, we're doing everything we can to provide the packaging needed for your product to hit the market.