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Social Responsibility

Without a doubt, production and innovation are the top priorities of any enterprise. In the past 2020, when the epidemic situation has entered the prevention and control stage, Leo Pack resumes work and production actively, and at the same time, we try our best to prevent and control risks of the epidemic and organize the employee to learn the updated information of the epidemic. After resuming production, we have mass-produced disinfection and sterilization, bottle, pump, cap, and so on, and exported it overseas.

Now we start to change our raw materials to environmentally friendly ones, such as bamboo material and PLA material. Every year our technical team and design team will design new types of cosmetic packaging to meet the demand of our customers. Leo Pack, as a perfume bottle company, has a well-developed system for our employees' work and life. We organize regular professional training for our employees, upgrade business knowledge, and improve their professional skills. We have a well-established employee welfare system, in which our employees have free health insurance and regular outdoor activities. We do pay attention to both employee’s work skills and their physical and psychological health. As an active response to the government's call, we organize regular fire drills and other training for employees to enhance employees' awareness of production safety. We obey laws and regulations, recognize our obligation to make the right choice, and have the conviction to act on it.