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Technique Support

First, the coloring process Alumite, the outer layer is made of aluminum, only one layer wrap the plastic inner layer. UV, the effect is a bright color compared to spray. Spray, the effect is a dark color compared to UV, and frosting, a layer of frosted texture. 

Inner bottle spray: it is sprayed on the outside of the inner bottle and there is an obvious gap between the outside and the outer bottle. The side view of the spray picture is small.

External bottle spray: it is sprayed inside of the outer bottle and look from the appearance there is a larger area. The vertical plane has a smaller area. And there is no gap with the inner bottle.

Wire drawing, package gold, silver, it's just a membrane. Watch carefully, you can find the connecting gap.

Re-oxidation, is on the original oxide layer for secondary oxidation, so as to achieve a smooth surface covered with a dark dumb surface pattern or dark dumb surface appears smooth pattern. It often used to make the logo.

Injection color, add toner to the raw material when the product is injected. The technology is cheap. You can also add peal powder, also can add the white powder to make PET transparent color into opaque color (add some toner can adjust color). The production of water ripple is related to the amount of peal powder.

Second, printing technology

Leopack, as an expert of cosmetic packaging, owns many kinds of advanced technology of printing.

Silkscreen printed regular bottles (cylinder type) can be printed at one time. Other irregularities cost one piece at a time. Color is also a one-time charge. And there are two ink, self - drying ink and UV ink. Self-drying ink is easy to drop after a long time and can be wiped off with alcohol.UV ink has obvious concave when touching and is difficult to wipe off.

Hot stamping is a thin layer of paper hot stamping on the surface. There is no concave and convex feel like screen printing. And hot-stamping is best not directly do on the two materials, PE and PP. These two materials need to be hot transfer before hot stamping. But good hot stamping paper can be directly hot stamping. Aluminum plastic can not do hot stamping, all plastic can do hot stamping too.

Hydrographics transfer printing is a random printing process that is carried out in the water. The prints are not consistent. And it's expensive.

Heat transfer printing, it mostly used for large volume, printing complex products. To attach a film to the surface. The price is too expensive. Offset print, it mostly used for aluminum-plastic tubes and plastic tubes. The colorful tube needs white printing, must use a silk screen. And sometimes we will add a bright or dark film on the surface of the tube.