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The Application of Acrylic Bottle in the Cosmetic Industry

1. What is an acrylic bottle?

Acrylic's chemical name is polymethyl methacrylate, which is an important plastic polymer material that was developed earlier. It has good transparency, chemical stability, and weather resistance is easy to dye, easy to process, and beautiful in appearance. Acrylic bottles have a wide range of applications in the cosmetics industry.

2. The application of acrylic bottles in the cosmetics industry

In the field of packaging for cosmetic products, acrylic bottles are widely used in the packaging of high-end creams, lotions, and other cosmetics, and are well received by the market. Acrylic packaging bottles have excellent transparency, a light transmittance of more than 92%, good anti-ageing performance, and can be used safely outdoors.

Acrylic bottles are resistant to drop, lightweight, easy to color, easy to process, low cost, etc., and have a beautiful appearance and high-end texture. It allows makeup packaging companies to use the cost of plastic bottles to obtain the appearance of glass bottles but also has the advantages of resistance to falling and being easy to transport. You need to find a reliable business partner to provide cosmetic containers.

Acrylic bottles have a wide range of varieties, rich colors, and have extremely excellent comprehensive performance. The acrylic bottle provides designers with a variety of options, which can be dyed, and the surface can be painted, silk-screened, or vacuum coated.

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