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The Colors and Types of Essential Oil Bottles

Ⅰ. The color of common essential oil bottles

1. Amber essential oil bottles

Amber can protect from light and help preserve light-sensitive contents. This kind of bottle is made of various materials, with glass essential oil bottles being the most common.

2. Blue essential oil bottles

The blue essential oil bottle is beautiful in color, beautiful in appearance, and equipped with various exquisite caps, suitable for all kinds of essential oils. The dark blue bottle can also protect from light, which helps preserve light-sensitive contents.

3. Frosted essential oil bottles

The hazy appearance can produce visual beauty. The essential oil bottles provided by Leopack are beautiful and of good quality.

Ⅱ. Common types of essential oil bottles wholesale  

1. Glass bottles for essential oils

The glass material is chemically stable. Equipped with all kinds of exquisite lids, the appearance of the essential oil bottle is more beautiful. And the sealing of the essential oil is guaranteed, and the essential oil is not volatile and leaking, especially for essential oil roller bottles.

2. Essential oil sample vials

Essential oil trial bottles can be used to hold small-volume essential oils, usually equipped with caps, droppers, plastic tips, etc.

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