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The Development Path of Cosmetic Jars and Cans

1. The Use of Cosmetic Containers

With the increasing number of products that consumers can choose, and the gradual expansion of consumers' horizons, consumers will pay more and more attention to the added value of products. From the perspective of packaging technology research and development, we can find that in shopping malls, supermarkets, and cosmetics franchise stores, we can find that cosmetic bottles and jars are very user-friendly in design, everything is considered for consumers, and it is simple and convenient to use.

With the generalization of cosmetic bottle technology, when consumers realize that packaging for makeup products is also an element that enhances brand value and their own taste, the breadth of choice of cosmetic bottles will increase, and therefore the effect of marketing will gradually decline. This also confirms that research and development (packaging materials) is the foundation.

2. The Development Path of Cosmetic Packaging Bottles and Jars

Makeup packaging companies upgrade cosmetic bottles and jars from non-customized to customized. Of course, this is a gradual process, which also reflects the needs of consumers: from pursuing the value of cosmetics themselves, to focusing on the added value of cosmetics, and then pursuing brand value.

The added value of goods starts from the packaging. Cosmetic bottles are a shadow of research and development. To a certain extent, cosmetics are sold as packaging. Custom cosmetic packaging are favored by many customers.

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