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The Expression of Cosmetic Packaging

1. Cosmetic Packaging Needs to Be Designed for the Market

The visual performance in commercial art design must conform to commercial needs in form, so it is important to understand the relevant market background. But without understanding what consumers need, no matter how good the packaging design is, their desire to buy will not be impressed.

2. Makeup Packaging Containers Needs to Follow Fashion

The design of packaging for cosmetic products must keep up with the trend. Designers must lead the trend and be at the forefront of the market before cool cosmetic packaging can occupy the market. The packaging of fashion cosmetics pays more and more attention to the structural design and accessory design of the container, making it easy for consumers to hold, take, and quantify in various environments.

3. Psychology in Makeup Jars and Bottle Design

The most direct purpose of commodity packaging is to inspire consumers to make purchases. Social culture and customs are also closely related to consumer psychology. Different cultures and habits will also have different effects on consumers' purchasing desire and purchasing behavior. Therefore, skincare packaging companies must first understand the motives of consumption, and cosmetic packaging can often show the attractiveness of the product more directly.

4. Pictures, Characters and Colors in Cosmetic Jars and Bottles

The packaging also has the function of "self-explanation", which uses the graphics, text, and colors on the packaging to explain what was originally said by the salesperson. The graphic design on cosmetics is a direct image language, which can truly express the image of the product, and the vivid image language makes the product have a high visual impact.

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