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The Main Glass Perfume Bottle Production Processes

Ⅰ. Production process of glass perfume bottle

The production process of perfume bottle glass material is generally: the required batch materials prepared in the batching workshop are transported by the conveying equipment to the kiln head silo of the melting workshop, and then added to the glass kiln by the feeder, and melted at high temperature. The molten glass is supplied to the molding equipment (bottle making machine, etc.) from the feeder through the feeding channel to make the required perfume bottle products.

Then the product is sent to the annealing furnace by bottle conveying and push bottle machine to anneal to remove stress. After the quality of the product is inspected, the qualified fragrance bottles are packaged, put into storage, and shipped out of the factory.

Ⅱ. Specific production process of glass perfume bottle

Leopack, as a professional perfume bottle company, has the following production processes of glass perfume bottle.

1. Pre-processing of raw materials

Break the lumpy raw materials to dry the wet raw materials, and remove the iron from the iron-containing raw materials to ensure the quality of the glass of fragrance bottles.

2. Batch preparation

3. Melting

Glass bottle is a traditional perfume bottle packaging container. Glass container still occupies an important position in perfume bottle packaging, which is inseparable from its packaging characteristics that other packaging materials cannot replace. The glass batch material is heated at a high temperature in a pool furnace or a pool furnace to form a uniform, bubble-free liquid glass that meets the molding requirements.

4. Forming

Put the liquid glass into the mold to make the glass perfume atomiser of the required shape.

5. Heat treatment

Through annealing, quenching and other processes, the internal stress, phase separation or crystallization of the glass perfume bottle is removed, and the structural state of the glass is changed.

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