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Various Uses of Cosmetic Bottles After Cosmetics Are Used Up

1. The empty cosmetic bottle turns into a storage tool

Wash and dry a few cosmetic bottles with delicate bodies and regular shapes, and then use them as travel bottles. For example, using an eye cream bottle to pack aloe vera gel is not only convenient to carry around, but also very textured. Like some lighter bottles, they can also be used for subpackage of hand creams, body lotions, etc., which are very delicate.

You can also wash the empty cosmetic bottles with water, dry them, and label them to make a storage box. Like thumbtacks, paper clips, ear studs, etc. can be thrown in. The box made by Leopack is easy to take and safe.

2. The magical effect of the used empty lipstick tube

The used lipstick can also be transformed into a very personalized U disk. The procedures are as follows:

(1) First take out all the part of the lipstick tube that supports the paste, and clean the inside and outside of the lipstick tube with a cotton swab.

(2) After applying glue on the bottom of the empty lipstick tubes, fix the prepared U disk in the tube. A super nice U disk is then finished, and the process is very simple.

3. Empty cosmetic bottles to decorate your home

Some cosmetic bottles and perfume bottles with slender bodies and small mouths are unsuitable for storage. What should we do?

The easiest way is to open the stopper at the mouth of the bottle, wash the bottle clean, and use it as a decorative container. The shape of a lotion bottle or perfume bottle is generally very special. When used to make a vase, it instantly becomes more high-end and exquisite without spending a penny.

The font of some cosmetic bottles is not very good-looking, but you can use some pasteable masking paper to cover the words. Not only can it be converted into a vase, but also a unique scented candle.

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