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What Are the Advantages of Glass Perfume Bottles?

1. What material is used for the perfume bottle?

Perfume and essential oils are commonly used liquid fragrances in daily life, and they all have a fragrant, strong and long-lasting fragrance. They can be seen in major counters, and their packaging is generally made of glass, aluminum, plastic, etc. We will introduce the advantages of glass perfume bottles in detail.

2. Advantages of glass perfume bottle

Being a perfume bottle company, we produce the cosmetic-grade glass perfume bottle, a perfume bottle that has good chemical stability, does not easily react with the contents  good transparency, good heat resistance and is not easy to deform; high compressive strength, resistance to internal pressure; high density, weight, good barrier, sanitation and preservation, easy to seal, and can be sealed again after opening.

The structure and shape of the perfume empty glass bottles can be designed according to the needs of the product, and it can be realized by changing the mold during manufacturing. The bottle body can be directly decorated with printing or labeling. At the same time, coloured glass bottles of different colors can be used to meet the packaging requirements of different characteristics of cosmetics.

The size of the custom glass perfume bottle can be changed according to the characteristics, requirements and grades of the perfume and essential oil inside. The bottle cap design has good airtightness, beautiful and changeable appearance, and can play a good decorative role. The bottle body is generally not printed with patterns, but to show the clear and transparent characteristics of the product. Trademarks and patterns are usually printed on the bottle cap, or a nameplate is hung on the bottleneck.

Moreover, the perfume itself is relatively easy to volatilize, and the good airtightness of the glass bottle is just suitable for storage. The above are the advantages of glass perfume bottles.

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