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What is the Development Path of Cosmetic Bottles?

With the increasing number of products that consumers can choose from, consumers' horizons gradually expand, and consumers will pay more and more attention to the added value of products. From the perspective of cosmetic bottle packaging technology research and development, Korean cosmetics are very user-friendly in bottle design in shopping malls, supermarkets, and cosmetics franchise stores. Everything is considered from the consumer's point of view, and it is simple and convenient to use.

Ⅰ. Industry selection of cosmetic bottles

When consumers do not realize that cosmetic bottles are also factors that enhance brand value and their own taste, cosmetic bottle series may not appear to be so important in the determinants of corporate competitiveness. With the generalization of cosmetic bottles factory's technology, the breadth of consumers' choice of cosmetic bottles will increase, making the marketing department's research and development efforts diminish. This also shows that the development of packaging materials is the foundation. In this sense, Chinese cosmetics companies should be prepared for danger in times of peace.

Ⅱ. The road to customization of cosmetic bottle series

This also requires Chinese cosmetics companies to take such a path in researching and developing cosmetic bottles, from non-customized to customized. Of course, this is a gradual process, and many companies' costs are wasted on advertising.

The cosmetic bottle series from non-customized to customized also reflects consumers' needs, from pursuing the value of cosmetics itself to focusing on the added value of cosmetics and then pursuing brand value. Of course, this brand value needs to be put in quotation marks because it is basically maintained by advertising.

The added value of commodities starts with cosmetic bottles. Cosmetic bottles are a shadow of research and development. To a certain extent, the focus of cosmetics is the packaging. Some manufacturers want to imitate the packaging of brand-name cosmetics. Although the appearance of the imitation product looks good, the material of the cosmetic bottle exposes its inferior quality.

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