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Shaoxing Leopack Co., Ltd.
Shaoxing Leopack Co., Ltd.

Women's Day on March 8th.

Shaoxing Leo Pack Co., Ltd. Activities for International Working Women's Day.


On the arrival of the International Working Women's Day, Shaoxing Leo Packaging Co., Ltd. puts half a day off for all female workers in order to enrich the lives of female workers, care for their physical and mental health, and ensure that female workers have a good festival and a good holiday. Leo Pack, as one of skincare packaging companies, organized the movie-watching activity, let all female employees watch movies in the cinema, and prepared a holiday gift bag for each one (a cup of milk tea, an afternoon dessert, and carnations).

This activity has cultivated the female staff sentiment, enhanced communication between each other, strengthened team cohesion and centripetal force, let the female staff relax their body and mind to enjoy a happy holiday.

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